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In the mobile Internet rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises China packaging industry

With the increasing demand of industry society, and science and technology content increasing, China packaging industry has become one of the most important industry in our national economy. According to the forecast, the period from 2011 to 2015, China packaging industrial output value to 600000000000 yuan, an average annual growth rate of 6% in the. To 2015, the paper packaging products can reach 36000000 tons, plastic (10930,25.00,0.23%) packaging products 9460000 tons, metal packaging products 4910000 tons, glass (1294, -17.00, -1.30%) packaging products 15500000 tons, packaging machinery 1200000 sets. Chinese packaging industry has become a sunrise industry, a huge potential for development.


However, although China packaging industry has developed rapidly, but the packaging enterprises emerge in large numbers but also intensified the limited capacity of the line under the market competition, to open up a new market, alleviate the line under the market competition, many enterprises began to actively seek the development in the field of 3G mobile Internet, have settled in 3G mobile Internet platform.


Packaging industry expert Liu Jiansheng pointed out, packaging enterprises settled in 3G mobile Internet platform, its essence is the innovation of marketing mode of development, with the help of 3G platform, packaging enterprises can realize high efficiency, large areas of marketing, and the face of the object is more than 118000000 of 3G users, the mobile Internet innovation marketing, thus the line of business volume of ascension.


"For the packaging enterprises, 3G mobile Internet new is to be the new market cultivation, enterprise on-line 3G platform, in the realization of the marketing promotion, belt line under the sales promotion at the same time, but also helpful to improve enterprise well knownness, expanding influence, thereby enhancing the enterprises in the future competition in the industry's strength, the more important packaging enterprises have settled down, the mobile Internet to promote China packaging industry and informatization construction is also important." Liu Jiansheng said.


After thirty years of development, Chinese packaging industry has experienced the development process from scratch, from small to large, now Chinese is already the world's second large packing, the annual industrial output value of more than 1200000000000 yuan, production of packaging products are in the forefront of the world. In the 42 national economic industries, industrial output value of packaging from 80 in the second to last up to fourteenth, become the industry play a decisive role in the national economy.


However, Liu Jiansheng also pointed out, Chinese is the world's second large packing, but not a packaging power, promote the development of Chinese packaging industry, in addition to respond to positive marriage Internet, mobile Internet and other emerging markets, Chinese packaging enterprises should also accelerate the independent technology innovation, according to the characteristics of the packaging industry in our country and has many comparative advantages, take different strategies in different technical fields.

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