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Chinese manufacturing industry in the future ten years where is the breakthrough of decide on what path to follow

Today, the overall level of China manufacturing still at the end of the international industrial chain, to have independent intellectual property rights of enterprises are few, this greatly limits the China manufacturing competitiveness and profitability level. Can foreknow, as long as give full play to China manufacturing "advantage of backwardness", vigilance in policies, the defects of the system, then in the next ten years, China powers of the industry from manufacturing to power will accelerate the process of.


Manufacturing industry has entered a wisdom of the industrial revolution, Chinese manufacturing industry is expected by improving technology to improve efficiency, create value to use information technology, into the "wisdom" make times.


In November 12, 2013, silicon sub investment will institute of Zhejiang management and Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Club held in Hangzhou "in 2020 -- manufacturing reincarnation" economic forecast and analysis of finance conference.


We know that, the silicon sub investment invitation to the international top investment banks, hedge funds, investment institutions, manufacturing enterprises and other celebrities from all walks of life, from the global and Chinese, government, capital market, manufacturing enterprises, hedge funds, asset management, family inheritance and many other perspectives of professional analysis, forecast, the future development of inquiry Chinese manufacturing, for manufacturing the future path of development.


After the win by low-cost, labor-intensive, larger than quality, bring huge energy consumption of the extensive growth, Chinese manufacturing industry is facing the global economic downturn, China economic transformation, environmental issues rectification, labor costs and rising raw material costs, the appreciation of the renminbi and the working population structure changes the challenges of. Chinese manufacturing industry will decide on what path to follow?


Manufacturing industry is an important industry Chinese economy. On the one hand, as a global manufacturing center, the development of the Asian manufacturing industry has been the world's attention, play a decisive role China position. On the other hand, exports and investment is the Chinese macroeconomic "three carriages" in the two car, both of them share a foundation, which is China manufacturing.


Manufacturing support export is very easy to understand. While the manufacturing sector to support investment, is to use savings to buy lots of manufacturing products -- iron and steel, cement, equipment installation, and then become the infrastructure.


Chinese in the world while enjoy the "big manufacturing country" reputation, with the most advanced manufacturing power gap is gradually narrowing, but we must clearly recognize that, facing the challenge of manufacturing China are far greater than the opportunity. In recent years, China manufacturing industry is faced with many new problems, including the independent intellectual property rights, labor cost and the overall industry quality three aspects.


Today, the overall level of China manufacturing still at the end of the international industrial chain, to have independent intellectual property rights of enterprises are few, this greatly limits the China manufacturing competitiveness and profitability level. Development of current manufacturing situation has not been fundamentally changed, "high input, high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency" of the "three high and one low" mode of production has become the biggest obstacle to China's development mode.


In recent years, China manufacturing industry faces many new problems. The most prominent is the "China manufacturing" cost, especially the artificial cost rise quickly. In 2008, China revision of the labor law, 2008 ~2011 year the statutory minimum wage China horizontal acceleration, throughout the last year growth rate in more than 20% of average. In addition, "1025" planning requirements, greatly increase the proportion of the national income of labor income. Market and policy together, to promote the labor cost Chinese faster growth in manufacturing industry. Overall, Chinese and developed countries in labor cost gap, generally from 100 times the beginning of open, contraction is 10 times to the present.


In addition, a phenomenon we can not deny is: quality of the industry team Chinese manufacturing is generally not high and unstable. Since the last century ninety's, migrant workers has become the main force of China's manufacturing industry "". The biggest characteristic is the employment of migrant workers, liquidity is too big. Because of the personnel flow is too frequent, Chinese manufacturing industry is difficult to form a basic stable industry team.


Make sure China manufacturing reality, we need to understand what is the real constraint China industrial growth? Is the market demand. At present, the reality is the slow pace of global recovery. From the 2008 crisis China since, we can observe that, whenever the developed economic recovery pace slightly faster, China coastal industrial orders rose, recruitment difficult problem is prominent, the growth of the manufacturing industry strong.


The Chinese economy, a possible direction, is a part of China manufacturing exports, turned into the domestic consumption market service.


Judging from the current situation, the manufacturing industry to change, even change the ongoing production technology. But the new industrial revolution, the mode of production changes, manufacturing mode change is required by many important conditions.


A new round of industrial revolution is the third industrial revolution, essence is the major innovation of computer, information and Internet technology as the representative of the industry, industry and can lead to great social change event, it will not only lead to a number of emerging industries of the birth and development of alternatives to the existing industry, more important is the important change it will lead to manufacturing production mode, production mode and transaction mode.

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