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In 2013 the domestic packaging machinery market has several rounds of reform

Throughout China's packaging market, packaging machinery industry maintained a great development space, find the gap each enterprise unceasingly, learning the new technology, updated technology to make it into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, the soft power and hard power further financing, supporting the development of social security.


The flexible production concept embodies the development requirements. Packaging machinery from a single, production rate each did improve, but once the changing way of packaging, machinery is sluggish, it cannot achieve instant debugging specifications, column matrix and scheduling, and change orders must change a template, it consumes time, increases the wear, also improve the manufacturing costs, can not achieve the personalized quality requirements.


From the enterprise competition in the market, period and the upgrading of products is shorter, the flexible and flexible packaging machinery put forward a very high request, the life cycle of packaging machinery of life is far greater than the product. Because the only way to meet the production requirements of the economy. This allows us to investigate the concept of connotation of flexibility, flexibility, structure of flexibility and supply flexibility. While the supply flexibility also relates to packaging machinery in motion control system.


Specifically speaking, to make the packaging machinery has a good flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, requires the use of microcomputer technology, function module and monitoring technology, a mechanical hand work, make the product requirements change only transfer procedures.


Experts said, the flexible production not only change our mode of production, the product packaging is more flexible, more open up the development of our ideas, so that the packaging machinery market several rounds of reform, accelerate the innovation thought better to enter the commercial, packaging machinery to make potential better play out, to reach a new level, for I country among the international ranks to become a "creative power" to lay a solid foundation.

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