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Priceline - saving money on holiday travel

Travelling overseas? Looking to make the most of your budget? I’m a bit of a spend thrift, whereas Mrs Ikonz is a lot more sensible (and frugal), so when it comes to booking holidays and sending thousands of dollars on flights and accommodation, I tend to defer to her for suggestions. We;re looking to head overseas twice this year and thought it might be worthwhile to show how saving money on a holiday is possible, even without all of those awesome credit card churning offers.

Saving money on holiday travel – things I do

There are some obvious opportunities for saving money on holiday travel, such as travelling in off-peak season and booking in advance when flights and holidays are on sale. Below are some of the things that Mrs Ikonz and I do above and beyond those basics.


We’re big fans of, especially when travelling around the US. In particular, their “Name Your Own Price” function always gets a workout. It allows you to put in a maximum amount that you would pay for a particular holiday item, e.g. hotel, at a specific rating level.

For instance, on the website you can put in an offer to only pay $100 a night to stay at a 4 star hotel near Disneyland. The trick is, you don’t know which 4 star hotel in the area may accept your offer – if a hotel accepts your offer, you have to go ahead with the booking. Also now good to use in the UK.

Use wholesale specialists

On our last Hawaii trip, we booked it through an Australian holiday wholesaler, It was awesome when booking flights to Hawaii last year. By booking a whole package (flights, hotel, transfers and tours) through a wholesaler, big savings can be found.

I actually got a travel agent friend to try to match the prices (including the included breakfasts) and they simply couldn’t compete because wholesalers buy all of the package items in such large bulk.

Corporate discounts

As I mentioned recently, my company has corporate discounts that I can access for personal travel.

Always check out if your workplace has any corporate discounts as they can often be used for personal travel. These discounts may be savings on hotels, rental cars and frequent traveler programs .

Entertainment Book

There are some half decent offers in the Entertainment Book (for Aussies), including rental cars and percentage off the rack rate of hotel rooms etc. Always double check the price you get of the rack rate, how does it compare to online travel booking sites like, and

Me no english

When checking out available deals on sites like Expedia, think about checking out the prices of flights and hotels using the same site, but another country’s version. So often, the prices available on the Australian version of Expedia are more expensive than those available for other countries (even with the currency conversion!!!).

Scoopon and Groupon

Check out the local group-buying sites available in the country/city you’re travelling to. This is a great way to save some money on local experiences, such as discounts on restaurants. I’ve used this when in London (courtesy of Mrs Ikonz).

Become a millionaire without losing your lifestyle

If you’re going to become a millionaire but don’t want to lose your lifestyle, you really need to take the time to shop around on lifestyle/discretionary items like travel. Thankfully due to the internet, buying whatever package your local travel agent was selling is a thing of the past. Saving money on holiday travel is a huge opportunity to add the savings you make to your online savings or investments.

Don’t be afraid to use coupons, group-buying sites and discounts available for you – they’re meant to be used!


  • Heather @ 20SomethingSyndrome
    on 25/03/2014

    How ironic, I’ve been spending all day googling cheap travel trips for my upcoming ventures. Australia is included in part of them!
    Heather @ 20SomethingSyndrome recently posted…Goal Updates 3/21My Profile

    • Project Ikonz
      on 25/03/2014

      It’s amazing how many good deals are out there if you search. Even the differences between some of the holiday search engines are huge.
      If you need any tips about Oz, just let me know.

  • No Nonsense Landlord
    on 25/03/2014

    Interesting facts. I use the travel website, including Priceline. Kayak too.
    No Nonsense Landlord recently posted…Why Avoid Tenants with Credit Scores Below 600?My Profile

  • Grace Cinotti
    on 27/03/2014

    Just started saving for travel. So excited!
    Grace Cinotti recently posted…Full ArticleMy Profile

    • Project Ikonz
      on 31/03/2014

      Saving for travel is awesome! It’s so much easier to save for something that you’re passionate about.

  • Project Ikonz
    on 11/04/2014

    Name your price is pretty awesome. Hasn’t caught on in Australia yet though.

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